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"My name is NUR. I was born in Izmir Turkey. I have been designing websites since 2001. I graduated from Ege University Philosophy department in 1993. I work as web designer and photographer. Being a photographer helped me to understand colors and details on page design. Living in two cultures and two different continents gave me different perspective to meet clients' expectations. I love web design and photography. I learned web design just by reading books at first. Then I have joined web design news groups, followed tutorials. I have read many manuals and end up "figuring out what was that error" discovery. I am really keen on working with CSS, checking cross browser issues with different type of layouts. I work on MAC and PC."

What do I offer to my clients?

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Custom Websites / One Page Landing Website / Regular Maintenance and Redesign / Customized Blog Website - WordPress
e-commerce Sites - Shopping websites

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Brochure Design, Flyer and Poster Design, Logo Design, Custom Icon, Web Banner Design
Book Cover Design, eBook Design and Publishing
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