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Can you redesign my current web site or update?
Yes, I can redesign your current site. Design by Nur creates clean, efficient, and easily navigable web sites that portray your ideas and business in the best light. If you would prefer to keep your old design but you would like someone to update it, that is possible too! Will I be able to update my web site on my own? Yes, you will be able to make updates to your web-site on your own. I will provide you with all the files for your site on a compact disc. This CD will have all code, text, and images that are part of your web site. I will also provide you with the information you will need to log in to your FTP and hosting sites. If this is a WordPress site, you will have your backup after I design the site.

Will you update my web site once the design is completed?
Is this included in the price for the design? It is pleasure to update your web site, you can hire my again for your updates once a year, hourly fee I charge $35.

Will you host my web site?
I will gladly help to choose a hosting for all my customers. I will work with you to determine what type of host will best suit your needs and expectations. I only offer hosting area for Craigslist Sale pages clients. I can still help you to register your domain name, finding a host, deciding on a hosting plan, and uploading all of your files to the server. I will work with you to determine what type of host will best suit your needs and expectations.

What kinds of payments are acceptable?
Currently accepts payments by check or money order. PayPal is accepted. Please read about billing page for more information.

How do you charge, is it by the hour or for the project?
It depends on the size of the project, I charge by the hour or by the project. For updates and maintain work for the websites I charge by the hour $35.

I need to change contact information in my website. How do I contact you?
Please send an email. I will update your current information on your HTML website.

What is the best way to ask you technical questions?
You can email me or connect me via Skype. You contact me by using Skype online DesignbyNur.

About Website Design Fees:

Fees are based on the complexity of the website. The following factors affect cost:

• Difficulty of design such as back end programming includes php, cgi, ajax, javascript or custom forms.

• Amount of image editing required. • Number of web pages having a different overall design .

• Amount of material provided on CD or DVD or by e-mail attachment (to reduce the amount of typing). I do not edit your text.

Fees Do Not Include

• Custom logo design (available for an extra fee)

• Graphic design work (available for hourly fee)

• Major design changes after approval of initial design web

• Website updates (available at nominal extra cost)

• Web hosting (fees paid to ISP to host a website)

I charge for web design work hourly fee $35 for updating and maintaining web sites.

Since I charge for any web design project %50 at the beginning of the project and the rest when the site is complete, the total payment of the website design should be paid in 45 days.

Graphic And Photography Services

Any print related graphic work I charge $35 an hour. Logo, banner, letterhead, poster print, business card etc.

For product photography I charge $40 an hour.

What do you need to know about Web Design as client?

• The designer can suggest an appropriate design for the client's business, organization or service.

• Pictures are very important in the web design. If you send me email of your photos the size of each photo should not be bigger than 9MB. Do remember bigger size photos makes slow download speed for your site.
Avoid using big size photos for the site. Avarage waiting time for internet user is only 3 second, if the page does not open within this time frame they click some other sites!

• Generally dimension of the photo approximately width 900 pixel, height 600 pixel jpg is good for web site .

• If the client prefers some colors, font, layout scheme please specify.