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What is Hosting ?

Hosting provides the publishing area . Hosting provides a URL (Uniform Resource Locator, or "website address") for your newly created website.
A web address may be similar to: A "domain" URL can be purchased.
You should buy your own domain name, try to avoid domain transfter and legal problems in future.
Check availability of a domain name or see your domain name creation date .
Generally domain registry takes 2 business day set up.

Your website maintenance and updates can be done by your webmaster , a web designer or even by yourself.
I do regular maintenance work for my clients.

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I do not host web sites anymore. Only I offer hosting area for photos Craigslist Sale pages. I display images and the Craigslist page up to 30 days.

Domain name Registration Fee:
It usually depends on the name ending .com or .biz price vary between $10.00 to $20.00 if that domain name is not registered before.
You can also transfer to existing domain name to your new hosting place and that takes usually 7 - 10 days for DNS registry complete.

1and1 Hosting Company:
Depends on how much place you need, many packages available at website.

Please read more information about 1and1 hosting and domain payments here.