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Are you ready for a web site?

Congratulations! You have a brand new web site! Now what? You think a lot of people will visit your site, your sales will be great all the time, and you will get a lot of hits from visitors. Well, if you wish to think that way; sure, nothing stops you from dreaming. If you ever come to your senses, let me give you some advice.
How can you get more visitors to your website? What can you do to stimulate web traffic?
First of all, lower your expectations. I am  serious. You think I am pessimistic? Not at all. I know web business, this is my job. There is no such thing as that; you will make a lot of money within a week from your website. You will sell a lot of products; your visitors will be begging to buy your stuff online. If it sounds too good to be true its not. Well those claims which  fills up your spam email folder, that's all. Get real and empty that junk!
So what I am saying here? That, there is no way ebusiness makes money? Of course not! I do believe your web business can make money; it can be successful if you plan well.. First of all, you need a business plan,. Second you really need to think about your  marketing strategy. Let's say there are mainly two types of web sites: Informational web sites and ecommerce web sites. This article will talk about brochure style web site promotions.
These typical brochure type web sites give detail information about that business. Usually they do not aim to sell anything online; they just try to promote  business through web sites, to an existing store. Many portfolio web sites also fit in this category.
Here is an example: . This portfolio website does not sell anything online, but gives detail info about Neal Lange's paintings, inform you well about where you can get those, what type of paintings these are, etc.
Many restaurant, cafe, small business owner web sites can be included in  this category.
So how do you promote your brochure type website?
You need follow some easy steps; first identify your potential customers.

  • Who is your target?
  • Who you want to reach?
  • What they need to know about your website?

Ok, let's assume your know your potential target. Then do you know how to reach them? How can you tell them you have a website that might interest them? Here is some advices to give better result for web site promotions.

responsive site design

1. Send E-mail Announcement

Your web site content is everything. As much as you have information at your site, web spiders will find your site easier. So if you have fully flash website, or a lot of photos and not much written content, getting in search engines will be that hard. Because web spiders only reads written codes, text. Your pretty photos, your cool flash animation on the site has not much value on virtual world. So polish your content, write more detail at your site for better results.
Then start to promote cleverly. Write a brief invitation and give your URL describing what your site is about. Encourage people to visit with your themes and have something free to offer. Such as free ecards, ecoupon, an interesting photo, a poster or cartoon through mail or any gift articles so that people are likely to peek at your site. How about download facility? Like a free custom screen saver? People like to get free stuff anywhere in the world. You may give ecoupon to your visitors as promotion item. Like if visitor prints the coupon from website brings it to you, get %5 discounts. Don’t leave the subject line blank and don’t send with attachments too. It can end up in junk folder. Add your web site address (URL) at the bottom of the page, every email your send to people.

2. Use Mailing Lists

There are thousands of newsgroups and mailing lists out on the web. Choose and pick the right one but don’t spam. There are rules out there on the web. You may ask your web designer create newsletter for you also. Send your own newsletters to your visitors. You can inform your visitors what is new in your website that way.

3. Informing People "Networking"

When you socialize or meet friends, make sure you give your url to them. Print nice business card, give it to people. Leave it at your local coffee shop. Get some postcards, add your URL and send invitations to your existing clients, friends.

4. Register with Search Engines

Search Engines are the key to your site’s online exposure. If you do not want to pay to your web designer for SEO service, then take time and fill up the forms at major search engines. Some of them require to providing a short description of your site in addition to your url. You can always submit for free to some of them.,, , There are many web submission like that, Google it! Remember it is wise to register multiple pages for more hits. Submitting pages individually is a good idea especially when your site is deep and has well defined sections.

5. Get Linked, Give Link and Banner Exchange

Allow people give you a link and request them to give you a link too. Choose the links is related your business, otherwise it can turn your website to junk yard! Do not forget high-traffic site webmasters are too busy to answer your requests for a link and don't have anything to gain. so look for smaller sites that may accept reciprocal linking pages.
If you have a good catchy logo, let them use as link to you. They can click on your logo and come to your website from other web sites!
Banner Exchange links are good way to drive traffic your website also. If you have a nice banner, share with other web sites! You may get many visits by clicking your banner at other websites.

6. Advertisement Marketing

Never forget power of printed advertisement. Web does not replace printed advertisement whatsoever. If you can pay for the advertisement appearing in the Newspapers, Magazines, Radio Ads, you will have more visitors eventually. You can print your web address URL on all stationeries; Business cards, Letterheads, mail covers, brochures etc. You should also carry the URL and email id. You may print your web address (URL) as sticker, place that at your car, get creative, and expose your web site as possible as you can.

Web Marketing Strategies Summary

  • Promote using traditional media. Such as; Newspapers, magazines, yellow pages, classified ads, direct mail, classifieds, and post cards.
  • Local TV station ad, billboards, radio stations.
  • Send news releases to print and Web periodicals in your industry and your existing clients.
  • Write articles for others to use in their Newsletters. Book reviews, new gadgets, all these articles can be publish on other web sites can refer your URL.
  • Give promotional items from your site. Give free ecards, discount coupons, allow download desktop themes, custom screensaver etc.
  • You may even announce a contest at your web site. If you publicize a contest, best article of the month such thing or drawing available on your site, you'll generate more traffic than normal. Make sure your sweepstakes rules are clear for everybody.
  • Promote your web site in Online Forums and Blogs. A lot of people like to read forums or blogs. If you like to write a comment to a blog or discussion forum add your "signature" web address URL at the end of your e-mail message do your marketing for you.
  • Purchase Pay Per Click (PPC) ads like Yahoo Search Marketing, Google AdWords.
  • Pay to submit your site to specialized directories.
  • Use Social media connections such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +