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Are you ready for a web site?

Making a website is actually an ongoing process for the site owner and for the web designer. If you like to have a website first you need to be prepare for some work.

Before visiting a web designer for the first time you need to do some homework about your new site. Take your time, prepare all the documents and search online. Do not hurry to meet your designer, first collect all your materials that you want to publish online. Think about the content , what you want to tell your visitors? You can get some ideas if you search online other web sites, that are similar content to yours. When you look at websites online, try to focus on sites that have same line of business. If you are planning to have a brochure type website and saying a your new web designer I want something like, is totally meaningless.

"To Do" List for new web site

  • A brochure type portfolio site usually has 1-6 web pages such as; about me, contact, gallery, artist statement, home, etc. Portfolio websites are popular among young artists.
  • A small business brochure type website can contain similar pages and introduction for their service and goods.
  • A personal website usually contains information about the person, photos and videos ( in most cases youtube videos ) .
  • Brochure type websites language generally would written in HTML.
  • If your goal is to reach success from your web advertising / web site, then plan well.
  • Prepare all your content, bring your articles, photos, logo, flyer, brochure that might be useful for web site.
  • Do not plan to put a lot of info on each page, stay focus on your subject
  • Have a realistic expectation from your web site, you can not be number one in search engines in a day
  • Think about color and layouts, choose a style of web site
  • Describe what you want to your designer, make a draft, a sketch, or even better show sample sites online
  • Be aware colors and fonts are limited on the web
  • Think about your web site * keywords, share with your designer
  • Buy a domain name and hosting under your name
  • What is your budget for a beginner site? Building a business online takes time, so spend your money carefully.

Please read web design related questions this page will give you better idea of what do you need to supply to your web designer.

Custom fonts can be used online as an image, flash or embedding the site. All these three options has problems with page downloading, inconsistent look on every browser.
It is better to use safe web fonts for the websites. For more font types information please read here

How the web design process works?
I design your website based on your company logos, favorite colors, your desired fonts and so on. If you like some other website's, please send URL for review. You should pay attention these;
1. What are your goals from a website? Whether you want to sell online, educate, entertain, introduce your company or yourself or persuade, every part of your site needs to support a strong web strategy. So that means we need to communicate well. Phone, email, fax, whatever you choose, please explain your thoughts about your site. We will take time to understand your requirements, answer your questions and explain how we can help your business.
2. You need to know your audience. The next step is to identify the potential readers of your web site so that you can structure the site design to meet their needs and expectations. Remember building a web site is an ongoing process, not a one-time project with static content.
3. Content provision Please provide me detailed information about your company. If this is a portfolio site give information about yourself. Digital images and printed materials, logo, banner, graphics can be use at the web site. What can be use more? Your articles, word documents, pdf files, excell sheets, power point slides, brochures, your business card, photos, flyers, testimonials, newspaper ads so on.
4. Construction: I begin design and build of the web site, incorporating design elements as agreed. I will research most effective search engine phrases for your business. You can give info about what website layout you prefer, what colors you like, etc.
5. Making draft layout. I work to produce a final draft which will form the basis for the rest of the site. Your full input will be encouraged throughout this process when you may request alterations. You need to make down payment %50 for the site work.
6. Your website will be publish on your hosting area. The web site is published, making it available to the world. Final payment is now due.