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Web Page Elements

Page Title: A page title explain the

Header: A slogan or a tagline can be used in the header section.

Banner: Usually top of the web page an image or graphic can be display as banner. Often graphic images contains eye catching slogan or header. 
Page banner can be seamless or a fixed size image.

Web Page Background: It can be solid one color, gradient colors, an image or a graphic pattern. Images can be fixed size, seamless or in a certain area only.

Navigation: Web site navigation is the most important elements on the page. The visitors should be able to use the website easily. Within a few clicks they should reach desired destination.
Navigation can be Horizontal or Vertical depend on design layout.

Web Page Elements Illustration

Sidebar (the right of left side column): Usually place in WordPress themes.
The sidebar content usually used for either vertical navigation links or advertising. Sometimes in the blog sites it can be also contain site search, subscription links (RSS, Twitter, newsletter link, etc) or social network buttons.

Footer: At the end of the page footer section usually contains copyright, legal and contact information. Sometimes footer can have a few links such as top of the page, home page, site map, etc.

Banner Ad: An image advertisement placed on a web page, which acts as a hyperlink to an advertiser's web site.

Home Page: It is a first page (also referred as an opening page, start page or main page) of a Web site. This would technically be your index page or default page of your directory.

Links: Any clickable word or an image can act like a link. Once clicked on, the person will be taken to the resource that the piece of code linked to. Page links can be long sentence if it is used withing the content.
However navigation links are usually contain one or two words only.

Secure Download - Upload Area: with FTP login

Save yourself the trouble of sending out large documents- give your visitors the ability to easily download your brochures, product information, etc. 
You and your visitors ( clients ) can securely login in a protected area and upload or download large documents.

Feedback Form

With one click pop up window ( or open a new window) feedback form . You can collect your customers feedback from them.

YouTube Video

Your own YouTube videos or your site related YouTube videos can attract many visitors.

About web design technical term please read glossary here