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CSS Based Web Page Layout

A web page layout should have consistent throughout the site. Just as in any printed material ; brochure, newsletter, or newspaper. All graphic images and elements, typefaces, headings, and footers should have harmony with the page layout. If every page of your site looks different, that can be big turn off for the users. Your navigation should be easy to use and link colors should be consistent throughout your web pages. Remember black text on a white background (as this page is set up) is the easiest to read. Just like newpapers, rare to see newpapers print in black background with grey text on it. Try to use common web fonts on the site. Because web browsers do not display all fonts correctly.

1. Page center     2. Left side column layout     3. Right side column layout

If you are not sure of the web element take a look at this image for descriptions.

I design CSS-based layouts that display in most browsers correctly.
The benefit of the CSS layouts are ; they do not use tables, they are pure CSS structure. So the templates will have same look in every browser and consistency in the pages.
I use percentage, so in every browser will fit the screen correctly.
CSS template layouts can have Horizontal or / and Vertical navigational elements based on unordered lists, or drop down navigation.