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If you are thinking to update your website, maintain time to time, but you do not have time to do it, you are in the right place.

Website Maintenance Service:

  • Blog website maintenance
  • For blog sites adding new content as well as widgets
  • HTML static website maintenance
  • Updating or adding social bookmarking buttons: twitter, facebook, Google+ and so on
  • Adding new features like flash slideshow gallery
  • Adding videos or audio podcast files
  • Uploading youtube video
  • Adding new pages, links, articles
  • Adding paypal payment
  • Adding pdf files such as newsletters
  • Adding new photos, graphics, icon or banner
  • One time website update (yearly update)
  • Monthly or weekly updates
  • Quick turnaround for your projects

Website Redesign Service:

You may need to re-design your old website with the latest web design technologies time to time. If you already have existing old fashion web site maybe it needs some face lifting, with better codes; tablet and mobile enable design.

  • If your website design with old javascript codes; which no longer works properly
  • If the website has too many tables rather than CSS structure
  • If your website failing cross browsers testing
  • If your website does not show visual design consistency
  • If your website load slowly
  • If your website is not search engine friendly
  • If your website navigational structure does not meet your criteria anymore